Duo (duokun) wrote,

lack of updates.

been a lil busy. not enough to warrant my total lack of updating. that is pure laziness.

my car should be unbroke this week.jet li is gonna help me get the alternator out so i can get it checked out. this is good. i dont mind driving the jeep, but i miss my car.

i finished reading Angels & Demons and am now reading The Da Vinci Code. i likes. ^_^

been managing to play a bit of halo 3 online and this is also good.

also watched Superman Returns finally. i liked it a lot. Superman II is still my favorite of all the Superman movies though. i am a lil bit iffy on the ending of Superman Returns, but other than that i liked it a lot.

my new job thing is going well, i am learning all the office stuff pretty quickly and actually kind of enjoy some of it. it is much better than calling people on the phones, and starting this week i am going to be working 40 hrs a week, which will be a very good thing for mr. paycheck. i am really looking forward to being able to save up some money. not just saving up to buy something specific, but just saving. like in having a savings. this will be good. it will make me feel a lot better about myself if i can have some money in the bank and not have to do the whole paycheck to paycheck thing.
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