Duo (duokun) wrote,

a pretty good week / weekend

i know i know i am horrible at updating, but so is everyone else so :P

Wednesday i went over to Jeffreys house after work to ear Bear Stew. it was goooood! watched Talladega Nights and basically hung out with Jeffrey, Cullen, Drew and Charlie.

Thursday i took off early from work and went with my boss michelle to go see my co worker jason's band Hambone and the Bearcats at the drowsy poet. it was interesting. they are at the least very amusing. and i got out of work for it, so that is good.

Friday i had off from work and got to sleep in a bit. after that i drove all over trying to find a copy of Puzzle Quest for the DS, unfortunately nowhere had a copy. so i had to break down and buy a copy online.the only real downside to that is that i gotta wait for it to come in. however good shipping was pretty cheep so it should be here tomorrow. yay for that, cause Puzzle Quest is realy addictive. its like Bejeweled with an RPG character building element and a story line thrown in there. as if Bejeweled-ish game play wasnt addictive enough as it is, they throw in spells that affect game play, armor and weapons and other items that affect the game play and oh i know this game is gonna be bad for me. ^_^

Friday evening i went to see war with Stephanie, Karen and Karen's Roommate Ana, and i thought it was pretty good. Jason Statham war great in it. Jet Li was as two dementional as he is in most of his english speaking roles unfortunately. the plot twists were good though and so was the action. i would definatly watch the movie again. wasnt the best, but it was good.

Saturday i worked from 8:30 - 5:00 then came home and relaxed for a bit and then went to the Lynchburg Symphony Orchestra thing, A Clutch of Concertos. it was pretty much amazing. i wasnt too big on the Organ Concerto by Handel but i loved Mozart's Flute Concerto No. 1. Alycia Hugo, the soloist was great. and then they played Spring and Winter from Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The Four Seasons are among my favorite classical pieces and Spring is probably my favorite among them, it is just so powerful. and Akemi Takayama who played the violin solos was amazing.

Saturday evening after the LSO thing i went and played Halo a bit with Ash, Jeff Dunnaway and Emily. Legendary is seriously annoying with a crapload of them skulls on.... i also started what has turned into a baking spree...

Sunday i went to church with Stephanie and then came home and started baking some more... i swear i think i am addicted to making brownies... Sunday was spent baking, playing halo and just hanging out. Ash was here when i got back from church and Jeff Dunnaway came over, left then came back, then Jeff Carey came over and when Ash went to his meeting at work me Jeff Jeff and Emily went to Walmart and Target then came back and made Smoothies. why they wanted me and Jeff Carey, who have no idea how to make smoothies, to be in charge of their making i do not know. we made a tremendous mess and had to alter our smoothie mix and pour most of it out and half start over a ton, but the end result was something not altogether unlike a smoothie and it was pretty good tasting. Jeffrey and Cullen came over later in the evening and we finally ended up watching the Second Fantastic Four movie. it wasnt bad but i cant say it was good either. the writing was terrible.
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