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man do i need to learn.

if i gotta wake up EVERY morning at 7am maybe i need to go to sleep a little earlier. last night i was sooo dead tired i fell asleep on the couch over at the HER at around 11:30

not cool.

i have a terrible headache right now. and i really with it would go away.

cause i dont like it.

i never got around to posting about thanksgiving but it was pretty good. dinner here was great, and then when me and robbie and ivan went to my moms even that went pretty good.

last night i saw Rush Hour 3 with Stephanie. I love the entire Rush Hour series. i need to watch Rush Hour 2 again. i saw Rush Hour 1 earlier last week, but i haven't seen 2 in a good while. all very funny movies.

Burger King has these York Peppermint Patty pies that i just found out about. they are amazingly good.

i am so glad i didnt have to wake up at 7am today.

im gonna enjoy not being at work till 3 today.
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