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I'm awake

So, maybe passing out on the couch wasn't the best idea. Or maybe it was the decision to check out what was going on with the whole Adventure Time / Frederator / Cartoon Network drama before going back to sleep... If you don't know Frederator (the animation company which dies AT) does a weekly YouTube recap video, and in this one they shied some Princess Bubblegum / Marceline fan art and hinted that maybe Marceline likes PB like, more than a friend. There was a big thing that Cartoon Network made them take it down, and now all of the recap videos are down. The head of Frederator said on his blog that it was their decision to correct a mistake they made by going a little overboard with stuff from the fan community and they we not forced to take it down by either CN or the AT crew. I really hope that is the case because I don't want to be pissed at CN. They are usually cool and willing to push the envelope.

Also if it was just the guys at Frederator having some fun with themes running a mock in the fan community then that's cool. The drama was over the thought that the writers wanted to maybe explore a PB / Marceline relationship and CN aced it. That I would have a problem with, as I think that we should be abler to have a cartoon in America where a character has a non heterosexual relationship.

Oh well.

I am listening to the Sword & Sworcery LP: Ballad of the Space Babies by Jim Guthrie. Damn it's good. Seriously, if you have an iOS device, you owe it to yourself to check out Superbrother's Sword & Sworcery EP It is a really excellent adventure game and has some of the best music ever. if you don't, you should just check out the music Here.

Well damn, it's 5:00 in the morning. I guess I should really go to sleep. I want to be able to be awake tomorrow. Saturday I have a lot of work to do and the same on Sunday. I have a lot of math to get caught up on and it takes me FOREVER. Also I have some reading to get done for geology. Need to try to take care of that as early as possible.

Any who, time for me to z-out.

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